SciComm Twitter Hashtag Games!

SciComm Twitter Hashtag Games

All your favourite SciComm Twitter hashtag games in one place!

What is a 'Twitter hashtag game' you might ask! Well, it's when people, often scientists and experts in their field, pose a question such as "is this photo a picture of a Cougar?" #cougarOrNot or "which bird laid these eggs?" #WhoLaidIt etc.

To enter the game you can tweet your answer, either as a reply to the game or a regular tweet, so long as you use the hashtag of the game. To follow along with other people's answers to the game you can search Twitter for the hashtag.

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If we are missing any Twitter hashtag games that should be added to the Twitter bot, feel free contact @natbat on Twitter or edit the code in the repository on Github with a pull request.

To get added to the calendar please contact @natbat on Twitter with the times the competition and answer are posted as well as details of the person who runs it, the hashtag and the timezone/location of the person who runs it.

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